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About Kondapur

16th September 2023

Kondapur, situated in the western part of Hyderabad within the Ranga Reddy district, stands as a prominent and rapidly evolving suburb. This area serves as a thriving hub for both residential and commercial endeavors, nestled between the bustling districts of Gachibowli and HITEC City. Its close proximity to HITEC City has been a catalyst for its robust economic growth, firmly positioning Kondapur within the Cyberabad Information Technology zone and presenting promising opportunities for business expansion.

The official language of Kondapur is Telugu, and its name reflects this linguistic heritage. 'Konda' translates to 'hill' in English, and 'pur' signifies 'settlement,' encapsulating its historical roots. Over the past decade, Kondapur has experienced significant commercial development, driven by reliable access to water supply facilities and the presence of numerous supermarkets, resulting in a buoyant real estate market. With a plethora of schools, hospitals, and essential amenities, Kondapur has become an attractive residential destination. The town also caters to financial needs with its ample banking and financing options, while a plethora of automobile showrooms dot its landscape. Dining options in Kondapur encompass a wide array of Indian and international cuisines, satisfying diverse palates. A notable landmark is the Google Hyderabad office, a prominent fixture in this suburb, while the Hyderabad Botanical Garden provides a refreshing green oasis amidst the urban sprawl.


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