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Welcome to Interam Packers and Movers Kondapur! We are best in the packing and moving industry providing an extensive range of moving services to meet your relocation requisites. If you are planning to shift to or from Kondapur, then choose Interam packers and movers in Kondapur, which assures safe and speedy shifting services. A name to bank upon, we have a team of experts who will assist you in the door-to-door shifting process. You will be amazed by our world-class moving services as we are one of the top moving service providers in the Transportation and Logistics industry.

We are well-established relocation service providers in Kondapur, and we have grown along with the rate of relocation in this city which has a significant rise. We are trusted and verified movers and packers in Kondapur to help you with your shifting process. We are your right moving expert. We are not only affordable packers and movers in Kondapur Hyderabad but also provide top-notch relocation services like packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, office relocation, and vehicle transportation across cities and states by our moving-expert staff will resolve your shifting worries with ease.

Since 1999, Interam Movers and Packers Kondapur has been a first-class “Local Office Relocation and Household Shifting in Kondapur” org that exclusively offers fantastic services to fulfill client’s requests. The way we have developed as experts inside the “Local Moving and Relocation Services”, “Logistics and Transportation” industry has started recognizing us. When you search Local Packers and Movers Near Me in Kondapur or finding Car Transportation in Kondapur Hyderabad your search ends with us. We have a presence in the entire geographic region of “Hyderabad Telangana India”. We pick items from your doorstep and deliver them safely whether it is local moving or long-distance moving.

“When you find yourself in the situation of moving your life to a new destination, you cannot leave all your emotional household items to the regular transportation company.”

We are the best house relocation service covering all areas of Kondapur, home relocation packing, and one of the best moving companies. Our experienced staff will ensure that your assets are carefully packaged and shipped to their destination. With a large load capacity, Interam Packers and Movers located in Kondapur can provide cost-effective solutions within your budget.

We will load your materials in high-quality packaging and deliver them to all parts of the country under the guidance of a team leader with more than 30 years of experience in the packaging and moving industry. Interam’s packers and Movers are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. If you are having trouble hiring the best balers and loaders near Kondapur or anywhere else in Hyderabad, consider using Interam’s Packers and movers. We work extensively in these areas and will get back to you in a few minutes. We know the pressure of your trip and we work hard to make your trip easier. Our efficient transfer service ensures that you can easily get to your destination no matter where you are, no matter how far away it is, our professional team will ensure that your assets are carefully packed and shipped to the destination.

Eliminate the challenge of sorting, packing, and unpacking! We are experts in all areas of transportation, packaging, and storage. We are customer-oriented and committed to providing personalized services; we are recognized as one of the most popular local moving companies in Kondapur. Throughout the entire process, we have creative relocation skills. In fact, we are Hyderabad-based experienced packers and movers and we have many years of experience to help you better travel at home/work.

Interam’s packers and movers are fully equipped with advanced technology and equipment. Since our establishment, we have developed a wonderful way in logistics and multifaceted business, with branch offices in potential locations in Kondapur, India, and our cooperation network throughout India. If you want to move from any area like Kondapur, Whitefileds, Financial District, and Botanical Gardens, get an affordable quote from Interam Packers and Movers. Since we are considered the best company to provide quality packaging, safe loading and unloading, and first-class storage facilities, please buy the best 2% to 3% transit insurance. Provide reasonable expenses for family transfer, partial or total transfer, office relocation, vehicle transportation, commercial property transfer, heavy factory transfer, machinery transfer, etc.

Interam packers and movers Kondapur

What we to Kondapur residents?


We are professional residential packers movers in Kondapur with over 20+ years of experience. We offer satisfactory home moving requirements.


If you are moving your valuable items  yourself, you can ask for our packing or unpacking service anytime. We use quality matirial as per item need.


We offer most comprehensive office or corporate packers and movers services in Kondapur Hyderabad. Our team is expert in moving digital & non digital items.


Got your items delivered and your mover do not provide unloading services in Kondapur? You need not to worry, call our loading & unloading service


Use our car carrier services to transport your car in any part of the country. We have both open car carrier and closed car carrier services available to choose.


We also provide industry leading warehouse services in Kondapur Hyderabad city. Not only we have a huge warehouse, we also have partners to suit your needs

Transports Delivered

Total Workers

Branch Offices

Owned Vehicles

Permanent Clients

Kilometer Covered


We uphold a high standard of performance and adhere to strict terms and procedures to provide the best quality of services. Our dedicated customer care department, allows us to guarantee your complete satisfaction, by continuing to help you even when the move is finished. The safety of your belongings is our top priority. No matter where you go, move with peace of mind with Interam Shifting Corp. We adapt to any situation and build the solutions you are looking for. We advise and are committed to offer our clients competitive rates while maintaining the best quality standards and adhering to compliance policies. We are the trusted partner of individuals, corporates, institutions and NGOs. They have been moving with us for 45 years. Our ability to respect deadlines and to deliver fast and excellent services all year round helps building strong partnerships with our customers.

S K Jangra

Director & CEO, Interam Shifting Corp






Customer satisfaction is our main goal and that is what we strive for. We assure 100% moneyback guaranty and no question asked if our service is not up to the mark.


Yes, you can get your move insured by brand insurance companies. We provide you the connect to major insurance companies. Minimum premium, maximum benefits


We have presence in all major cities of India. If not, we have our 3rd party partners who will take care of your movement from start to end with out any problem.


It has been our track record to deliver the items on time. Our fleet make sure that all moves happen on time ene to end. And that is why our customers love us.


INTERAM SHIFTING Corp are most experienced and reliable name in PACKERS AND MOVERS in Kondapur HYDERABAD. Our services are at most affordable price and what you get is unmatched service experience. Our 20+ years of experience and excellence in relocation service is the best in areas like and nearby areas like Kondapur, Madhapur, Gachibowli and Chandnagar.
Being a well-known Packers Movers in Kondapur. We are well established packers movers firm in Secunderabad and spread across other major cities in India. And what does that mean, is you get the most convenient relocation service. Our staff possess all sort of advanced techniques to provide our customers the fastest, convenient and most assured assistance. All the employees in our team are experienced to execute the task. And that makes you feel assured that you have picked the best relocation service in the area.
Our mission is to provide you the best relocation assistance whether it is for office shifting or home relocation. Your happiness and satisfaction are what we earn and strive for. And it is always about credibility that is prime to us and keep us going strong from past 20+ years in relocation industry.


How much packers and movers Kondapur cost?

These are only rough estimations; actual pricing may defer and depends upon number and size of your items you want to move:

Moving Type Local Move upto 300KM More than 300
1 BHK ₹ 3,000 – 7,000 ₹ 6,000 – 12,000 ₹ 9,000 – 18,000
2 BHK ₹ 4,500 – 10,000 ₹ 8,000 – 15,000 ₹ 12,000 – 25,000
3 BHK ₹ 5,000 – 15,000 ₹ 10,000 – 20,000 ₹ 15,000 – 30,000


How the cost of moving decided?

The cost of a move is dependent on the following conditions:

  • Distance between current and new Place
  • Size of items. Generally, heavier and large items cost more
  • Quantity of item
  • Insurance policy (optional)

Time to complete Pre-Move Survey?

You should call Packers and Movers at least 2 days prior to your moving date for a pre-survey. We should be able to tell you the cost estimation and pre-planning before you move.

How is the cost break of moving charges?

Packers and movers Hyderabad charges have the following break-up:

  • Packaging Material
  • Labour Charges
  • Transportation
  • GST & Taxes
  • Insurance (if opted)


1. Packing Techniques and Material

The first is how they pack your valuables. Always remember that if they pack them incorrectly, your items can be scratched over long or even short distances. The packing and moving company should have an experienced team that is very good at handling any type of household and commercial items. Here, I would like to give an example: we believe that ordinary Auto drivers can lift the refrigerator, but professionals have common sense and should be very careful to protect the compressor when lifting the refrigerator. This microscopic knowledge should exist in the packing and moving company because you won’t immediately notice it, but it will eventually lead to losses, just like furniture or any item that we think can be easily handled.

2. Packers and Movers Cost

The Cost is a very important tool to measure the standards of any packaging and transport company, if we can get products at an economic price, as consumers, many times we fall into the trap, thinking that you will buy products for economic prices? At the same time, don’t get swallowed up by big and petty hidden accusations. Clearly balance the costs provided by the packing and shipping companies and how they provide a basis for pricing.

3. Moving Insurance

Insurance is another key factor. Unfortunately, today’s insurance market has become so commercial that you get confused when choosing the right type of insurance. When trying to purchase any vehicle or medical insurance product, you may have similar experiences, please check the packaging and moving companies carefully. These companies are real insurance companies. At what price should traffic insurance be valued, so that in the event of any unfortunate incident, the claims process is worry-free?


I shifted from Hyderabad to Chennai using Interam Shifting Packers and Movers. They completed my shifting with perfection and safely delivered my goods at my new place. The packing material used was also of good quality.

Kranthi Nair

Great experience!!! I am very happy with the services of Interam Packers and Movers in Hyderabad. Very professional packing loading unloading and good…Thanks once again!

Priyu Thangalapally



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