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How to Fold a Moving Box in 5 Easy Steps

21st April 2020


When packing up for a move, assembling moving boxes is one of the most important (and helpful!) skills you can learn. Fortunately, we’re here to teach you how to fold a corrugated cardboard box the correct way. When obtaining moving supplies, we recommend that the majority of your cardboard boxes be on the smaller side to avoid over-packing (and breaking) your items. Small cardboard boxes typically measure around 16 inches long. You’ll also need plenty of medium size boxes (usually around 18 inches long) and several large boxes measuring 20 inches or more. While small and medium boxes are the best option for the majority of belongings, large boxes will be needed to carry bedding, pillows and other lightweight (yet big) items. Here are instructions for how to fold a box in 5 easy steps.


 What You’ll Need

When assembling cardboard moving boxes, you will need several items – the first and most important of which is packing tape. We recommend purchasing several rolls of heavy duty, weather-resistant packing tape along with a dispenser, which makes it easy to apply the tape to the box. If your dispenser doesn’t include a sharp edge for ripping the tape, you’ll need a pair of scissors on-hand. Given that folding boxes takes time, we also suggest finding a comfortable place on the floor where you can spread out and get to work. Finally, you’re going to need a good deal of patience. While folding boxes certainly isn’t fun, there are ways to make it more bearable. Play your favorite play list or listen to a podcast while folding. This will make the time go by faster and the packing experience more enjoyable.


How to Fold a Box in 5 Easy Steps


Step One:

Whether purchasing cardboard boxes online or from a brick-and-mortar store such as Office Depot, your boxes will likely come in a flattened position. To begin assembling your box, first sit the flattened box upright and fold the top four flaps all the way down so that they touch the outside of the box

Step Two:

Next, move the flattened cardboard box slightly and position it into a 3D rectangular shape.

Step Three:

Once the cardboard box is in a rectangular shape, flip the box over so that the four folded flaps are on the bottom. The top of the box should have four additional flaps extending towards the ceiling.

Step Four:

To begin closing up the box, fold the small flaps in. Then fold the larger flaps on top.

Step Five:

Grab your packing tape and tape over the middle to secure the flaps in place. Add another layer of tape on both sides of the middle crease for extra security. Once the flaps are secured, flip the box over and begin packing. After you’ve packed and labeled your boxes, repeat this step to close your boxes.