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What is involved in an office move?

16th September 2023

Planning and organizing your move involves working with your office’s moving team to go through all the steps required to move your office. These include researching, vetting and finding a moving company experienced in office relocations and working with them on the details of your unique move based on your needs and your budget. It also involves whipping your new office in shape, be it cleaning, decorating or remodeling. You should also leave your old office in the condition it was in before you moved in. Otherwise, you risk losing your deposit and facing legal issues.

Office moves also involve changing your address everywhere you have it on your office supplies and online presence, and letting people know. You will be downsizing once you decide what must come with and what you no longer need or won’t fit into the new office. Of course, a fair amount of packing is involved and working with your employees to make sure they know their tasks and deadlines. Then you have to disconnect, transfer and set up all the tech and utilities, including the internet, electricity, computers, phones, servers, and so on. Post-move, you might have to clean your old office. Then, let the new office setup begin. And, hopefully, after all this, some celebration is in order.

  • Tech and Utility Management: Coordinate the disconnection, transfer, and setup of all technological and utility systems, including internet connectivity, electricity, computers, phones, servers, and more. A seamless transition in this aspect is critical for uninterrupted business operations.
  • Post-Move Obligations: After completing the move, it may be necessary to clean your former office space to fulfill lease obligations.
  • Embrace the New Office: Finally, embrace the opportunity to set up and personalize your new office space to create an inspiring and functional work environment. This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter.

Throughout this arduous journey, remember to celebrate the successful completion of your office move—a testament to your meticulous planning and dedication to a smooth transition.

How long does it take to relocate an office?

Commencing your planning well in advance, potentially up to a year ahead, offers ample time to prepare for a seamless transition. However, we strongly advise initiating the process no less than six months prior to your scheduled move date. There are numerous crucial tasks that must be addressed before the moving crew arrives to load your belongings.

The actual moving day itself is a relatively swift affair, typically taking only a few hours for local relocations or potentially extending up to a full day for more extensive local